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Gyrotension Vega

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Gyrotension Vega Empty Gyrotension Vega

Post by Artaudio on Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:10 pm

[size=12pt]Gyrotension Vega -Small handle up to max  12kg (SGD$500 for set of 4)
                            BIG, Handle up to max 18kg per pc  ($600 for set of 4)

Gyrotension Vega 14091kp

I realize with the Gyro, I am able to turn my volume up by 4 more dbs compared to previously when I was using the ceraballs. This clearly shows how effective the Gyro is isolating vibrations from the floor, thereby affecting the
the noise in t he background from the speakers. However, this only happen when I adjusted the tension correctly
by placing more rings in the spikes closer to the transformer of the amp while cutting back on the rings for the footer
furthest away for the heaviest (transformer)
Once again great product.. I am poisoned by the sound of the Rockna DAC. Been thinking of it since yesterday.

My Findings with the Gyro
Darker Background. Instrumental vocal has more presence.Insturment details has more weight
Bass was deeper.PRAT improved due to less "interference " to the tubes.

Gyrotension Vega two-stage floating isolator . It not just control horizontal- vertical vibration.
It control rotational vibration 360 degree base on the great design idea of the Gyro.
Music is more organic and bass are in control. Even Hiend equipments users reported improvement
when using this tweak. So in mid range hi-fi gear , it will really benefits too.

Gyrotension Vega 10yj7tl

Gyrotension Vega 67top5

Gyrotension Vega Jpac15


Gyrotension Vega 3136e6g

Gyrotension Vega 2wcmrf6

Customer purchase both the small and big Gyrotension Vega for both Digital and Analogue gear. The Gyrotension
has proven yet again , it's offer a more analogue sound, throw in deeper sound stage on a full gyro setup.
it's not by coincidence , customer goes full swing and put all his equipments on Gyrotension. Further tweak to the Gyro tension adjustment is needed to fully optimize its performance.

Impressions from customer
Oppo BR player - Sharper and brighter
On Phono is good too.
Low volume listening, quiet and background Blacken

Gyrotension Vega 28kiyxs

Gyrotension Vega 2yn34lx

Avantgarde speaker on Gyrotension - For speaker ,we strongly recommend 6 units per side
Bass to Mid to Highs all a notch up.
Soundstage open up with increased depth.

Gyrotension Vega 204kg3

Customer Full System setup with Gyrotension Isolator

Gyrotension Vega 11uf1hw

User 1 Comment
The CD player seemed to be even more analogue.Vocal more smooth. Instruments more
distinct and detailed.Background darker.More Hiend Sounding. Very shiok !

Gyrotension Vega Wu3q85

Gyrotension Vega Xoea82

New local User 2 comment
In my system I just try the Gyrotension footer on my tube CD player.The sound stage
widens and imaging improves.Especially for jazz recording.I can locate each player / instrument easily.While listening to the album Time Out by Dave Brubeck Quartet, I was able to pinpoint the player not just laterally but also their depth in relation to one another.Just to be sure, I confirm my impression by checking the photos of the recording session in the CD album insert and I was right regarding the position of the players.

New review from TNT audio. for Garrard 401 turntable

Vega implements floating type vibration isolators radial symmetry silicone ring structure. They have adjustable tension setting by the number of rings and uses double vibration isolation design by silicone rings and 3-point support ceramic balls. Radial symmetry ring design absorbs, diffuses and dissipates all kinds of vibrations more effectively.

Gyrotension Vega Xkvkud

Max wt
12kg for the small version per unit (For preamplifier, CD player, music server )  - $500 FOR 4PCS , 3 FOR $375
18kg for the large version per unit (Great for speaker, Turntable, power amplifier) - $600 FOR 4PCS , 3 FOR $450

CD player and Music Server resting on Small Gyrotension Vega. 
3 customers were at my shop yesterday , comparing both with and without the Isolator.

Before the Isolator - The music flow were not as fluid, the sound staging were narrower.
When the Isolator is at work - Strings sound more crisp and darker background, The position of each instruments easily located, plucking of the string instruments are more vivid.

Gyrotension Vega 27zes60

GML Speaker on the Big Gyrotension Vaga Isolator

Gyrotension Vega 2z6yp38

Hi End System uses Vega - Solution amp with Magico speaker

Gyrotension Vega Fxulnn

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