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Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out)

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Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) Empty Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out)

Post by stylelaser.com.my Sat Jan 27, 2018 4:14 pm

Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver BRAND NEW.

Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) ES_1

Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) ES_3
Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) ES_2

Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) C9D676F223DE4021BF0D62C8A2ABAA61_12024_90x90_52bc4ec3124f5acb03e16dba806ded7f  Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) BCBD4F0E54F94D0CA32CE64C7D30EDC3_12024_90x90_83f56f910f3c487895b1113dcd163280  Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) 4944ACFE3385495687FC678FF3392320_12024_90x90_126880f1d08e9387f8c04f31049ac10c  Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) 5737415D6D634022B3AE92506AEBB4A8_12024_90x90_2909225359fd303efb5c177269d8345b  Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) E8E9D45C33854C49B0431845ABA3DEE1_12024_90x90_bbb01b8ba06ffd90bcdd151135427fdf  Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) Made_for_ipod_iphone_ipad_90x90_1209dc01ad6426b08bc54e4f94ec4315  Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) 8C0E2946C71148F4B5E6C09A80B7EFCD_12024_90x90_26d181c5d0ea62109ba7bc66012e4ae9  Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) 2ACD4FA64A514795A130896CFEC396FB_12024_90x90_9c4c013ac515179e91d1a46ef703bf54  Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) 3F9C7285313F4723860EF264BD7AB9F1_12024_90x90_bee786b6ddf12581ec3c30baf1274970  Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) 059AE7AA644C4FFEBA9DF774B80EF2D2_12024_90x90_61c40417ccb8f634976e7e8ced86ee12  Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) DA59412CB20248A0BA5043DC39E85B03_12024_90x90_5f154adf8492fecca0951e2a3959a40c  Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) Napster-logo_90x90_ffbb9e43026146a6b6ab53b6b7c22430
Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) 91177F519AE84C668F21463B4B8E0BBB_12024_90x90_76c2c6b8e4b3a4dafb13fd2bcf2de704  Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) EC260B5985C749F7995A150DAEE6EF8C_12024_90x90_5b50444071b8ebe3708ad8ab2db917ef  Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) 5B4036820FD145E49C987D43C579834E_12024_90x90_31fe9387a84782c3f8ba1d831084f370   Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) 5D42FBA6B56047A6928F13CAC1760067_12024_90x90_ebaab64e0c00c248a932eaab44140e8e  Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) 8768CEFE1CE6470F901F2F4C1F01EA51_12024_90x90_af7bafcb732e3251c3b3227d36e3d398  Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) 1473A7552B304855B360E448228A017F_12024_90x90_00c6194536f8a53ad93ebd0834759e4b  Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) E5B6F6A2B6E54CCCAAECECA163B8DA77_12024_90x90_dcdb8e2ff314c0a37c27218ef52fd056  Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) 9B9D0428F34946B0B0421B1D9FEB7D4A_12024_90x90_6aa21f5f0b95e5a347d0c7576fedd94b  Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) A15A44D121554A4BAC12BDA586350AAF_12024_90x90_07c823d92306abfab9ec0d1ba7967ee9  Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) 9D3B2A79F0B0497FBFB6500884B308D0_12024_90x90_7cebe0302d644d35e68ab921895b8fc8  Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) Eco_logo_r_90x90_9b85091dd3dc00a9000c468f815c5dd5
This 7.2-channel 4K Ultra HD network AV receiver features Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™ object based surround sound. Add audio in up to 9 additional rooms with MusicCast wireless speakers or other MusicCast devices. Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and AirPlay® wireless connectivity, a phono input for vinyl playback and Zone 2 audio provide added system versatility. In addition, Dolby Vision™ and Hybrid Log-Gamma compatibility provide incredible contrast, smooth tone and rich, bright colors.

  • 7.2-channel surround sound with Dolby Atmos®️ and DTS:X™️

  • Zone 2 audio with Extra Bass, Volume Equalizer, Party Mode and Main Zone Sync input for separate second room audio

  • Add audio in up to nine additional rooms with MusicCast

  • Fully loaded with Wi-Fi®️, Bluetooth®️, AirPlay®️, Spotify Connect, TIDAL, and Deezer music streaming service

  • HDMI®️ (6 in / 1 out) with 4K Ultra HD full support (4K / 60p [4:4:4]), HDR Video, including Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log-Gamma, and BT.2020 and HDCP 2.2

  • Phono input to connect to your favorite turntable

  • Compressed Music Enhancer and high-resolution audio support for sound clarity

  • YPAO™️ sound optimization tuning for your home

7.2 聲道 AV 擴大機,搭載多元連接功能,充分展現高品質 AV 品質。

  • 支援 Dolby Atmos®️ 及 DTS:X™️

  • MusicCast 傳達各個房間的音樂享受

  • 7 聲道大功率環繞音響

  • --- 每聲道90 W (8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, 0.06 % THD, 2 ch driven)

  • --- 每聲道150 W (4 ohms, 1 kHz, 0.9 % THD, 1 ch driven)

  • --- 每聲道150 W (8 ohms, 1kHz, 10% THD, 1ch driven)

  • 內建 Wi-Fi 和 無線直連(Wireless Direct) 相容可輕易設定連接

  • 藍牙相容支援無線音樂串流功能且配有音樂增強功能優化壓縮音樂

  • AirPlay, Spotify®️*等音樂串流服務 以及 AV Controller app 操作

  • * 音樂服務因地而異

  • DSD 2.8MHz / 5.6MHz, FLAC/WAV / AIFF 192kHz / 24bit, Apple Lossless 96kHz / 24-bit 格式播放

  • HDMI®️(6 進/1 出) 4K Ultra HD 完整支援 4K60p, HDR 影片(含Dolby Vision、Hybrid Log-Gamma以及BT.2020直通)。

  • 前面板有HDMI輸入,前面板USB可連接USB儲存裝置

  • YPAO™️ (R.S.C.) 音場最佳化可自動完成揚聲器設置

  • 就算是在低音量情況下,YPAO音場確保自然音調。

  • 虛擬後方環繞音效以 5.1 聲道播放 7.1 聲道音效內容

  • 額外 Zone 支援與 區域音量平衡功能 (Zone 2)

  • 彈性的區域控制如區域單聲道、區域音量、區域音調控制等,與派對模式。

  • 黑膠唱頭輸入支援黑膠播放


Access all of your music with a simple app and wirelessly stream it throughout your home using your existing Wi-Fi® network.

  • Stream it all. Listen to Pandora®️, Spotify, Napster®️, SiriusXM Internet Radio, thousands* of free internet radio stations and the music stored on your smart devices and computers (TIDAL and Deezer available by firmware update, May 2017)

  • Wireless connectivity. All MusicCast products are fully loaded with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AirPlay®️.

  • Expand to a whole home audio experience. When you’re ready, add MusicCast wireless speakers, sound bars or other devices in up to 9 other rooms and listen throughout your home.

  • No wires, easy installation. By using MusicCast, you don't need to fuss with placing wires through walls into other rooms.


MusicCast 開拓娛樂的可能性

MusicCast 透過高效能的無線網路功能傳送音訊,它可以從你的手機、電腦或NAS傳送數位音樂內容到家中任何 MusicCast 裝置,甚至可以分享連接上RX-V683,例如電視或藍光播放器的外部裝置。透過藍牙連接的智慧型手機或平板音訊內容,可以透過 MusicCast 傳送到不同的房間。
Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) 56796_12074_1_0a27a122b7cdbafcaec5916b2177791bLearn more about MusicCast wireless multiroom audio

Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™

與 Dolby Atmos® / DTS:X™ 一同進入環繞新世界

Experience dimension. These sound technologies transport you from an ordinary moment into an extraordinary experience with captivating, multidimensional sound that fills your room with amazing richness and depth. These sound technologies allow for music, people and objects to come alive in breathtaking detail and flow in precise choreography all around you, making you feel like you are right in the middle of the story.
Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) 0769A746B81947589A05FE2DB3F0E4E0_12074_400x131_211acf3f9339f47a95ef15dc6f5be1e3

Dolby Atmos Speaker Pattern

Sound fields galore. Multiple placement patterns are available for presence speakers that support Dolby Atmos, creating a sound field that’s ideal for your setup. Any layout can be appropriately reproduced, including the three-dimensional space of CINEMA DSP as well as Dolby Atmos.

為 Dolby Atmos 杜比全景聲設計的揚聲器配置模式

Yamaha 提供多聲源模式可支援杜比全景聲,適合為您的裝置創造音場。在任何的設置均能夠適宜地重現,包含 CINEMA DSP 與杜比全景聲的 3D 空間。
Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) Speaker-Layout-Patterns_1200x259_6e3e4b0b3b93a2106c479d53f81a4c0f


Play your favorite streaming service. This AV receiver is equipped with Bluetooth functionality to let you enjoy easy wireless music playback from smartphones and other devices. The Compressed Music Enhancer from Yamaha is now optimized for Bluetooth audio transmissions to ensure that your music will have vivid, lively sound quality during wireless playback. You can stream music from the RX-V683 to Bluetooth headphones for private listening or to Bluetooth speakers.


此 AV擴大機 具備藍牙功能,讓您能以智慧型手機或其他行動裝置與本機配對,輕鬆享受無線音樂播放的便利。Yamaha的壓縮音樂增強技術 (Compressed Music Enhancer) 針對藍牙音訊傳輸,進行最佳化工程。確保無線播放時,您的音樂能有生動活潑的音質表現。


RX-V583 具備最新藍牙技術,讓無線傳輸比以往更加便利。您可以由 RX-V583 串流音樂至藍牙耳機或藍牙揚聲器。
Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) Bluetooth%E3%83%BB%EF%BD%BF1_1200x283_e0fa3f99483c17fc481d25f44889c5ac

Full 4K Ultra HD Support

This AV receiver completely supports with latest HDMI® standards. Thanks to transmission of 4K video at 60 frames per second pass-through, you can fully enjoy the high definition video quality of 4K without degradation. It also adheres to the HDCP 2.2 copyright protection standard for 4K video transmission. It also supports HDR (high dynamic range) Video including Dolby Vision™ and Hybrid Log-Gamma which provides incredible contrast, smooth tone and rich, bright colors. Furthermore it supports the wider color gamut of BT.2020 pass-through. This AV receiver is also compatible with 3D, Audio Return Channel and CEC for easy operation.
*Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log-Gamma will be available via future firmware update.

4K Ultra HD 完整支援 4K / 60p, HDCP2.2, HDR Video (含Dolby Vision與Hybrid Log-Gamma)以及BT.2020 直通

此 AV 擴大機完整支援最新的HDMI®格式。每秒60幀率的4K影像通過(pass-through)效能,讓您能拋開降頻煩惱,盡情享受4K高畫質影像。本產品亦支援4K影像傳輸的高畫質數位內容保護標準(HDCP2.2 )以及HDR (高動態範圍)影片(包含Dolby Vision與Hybrid Log-Gamma,提供完美對比、平滑顏色以及豐富飽滿的顏色)。此外,支援BT.2020直通,提供更廣闊的色域。此 AV 擴大機也搭載 3D, 音訊回傳聲道與 CEC ,提供簡易操作。
* Dolby Vision與 Hybrid Log-Gamma 將透過韌體更新支援。
Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) HDMI_DolbyVision_V683-A770_1200x570_4faf25a83b612685487ca26b7cb21142

Wi-Fi Compatible

Stream simply. Built-in Wi-Fi allows for a connection with your wireless router, greatly simplifying system connections for enjoying networked audio (PC/NAS) and music streaming services. If a Wi-Fi router is not available, the unique Wireless Direct feature not only allows you to stream music directly from your smartphone or tablet via the AV Controller App, AirPlay® etc., but also allows for control of the AV receiver as well.

內建 Wi-Fi 和 無線直連相容可輕易設定連接

內建 Wi-Fi 相容可無線連接您的室內無線路由器,大幅簡化系統連接,輕鬆享受網路音頻和音樂串流服務。即使在無 Wi-Fi 路由器可使用的環境下,獨特的無線直連功能(Wireless Direct),不僅可讓您透過 AV 遙控器應用程式(AV Controller app) 的音樂播放功能和 Apple AirPlay等,直接串流智慧型手機或平板電腦裡的音樂,更可透過app 應用程式操控擴大機。
Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) Wi-Fi-Built-in_1200x342_801d774c5ae25bc2d69f821c509daee6


AV 影音綜合擴大機提供多樣的網路功能,讓您能使用更多的資源且同時提升操控。可連接擴大機與 PC 享受網路電台、Spotify,或儲存於 NAS 、家用電腦的音樂。這個 AV Controller app (iTunes or Google play可下載)讓您以 iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android™ 手機 / 平板電腦操控擴大機的多樣化性能。
* 音樂服務因地而異
Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) Network_Function_V683_1200x354_3b66556820d6a48d625f559662f65da8

AV Controller App


Easy and convenient operation. This AV receiver lets you use the Yamaha AV Controller App that is downloadable from iTunes, Google Play or the Amazon Appstore to control the power, volume, input selections, DSP modes and much, much more from an iPhone or Android device. Customize the interface by hiding unused icons and renaming functions. Includes 23 different languages. A tablet version is also available.
此 AV 擴大機讓你能使用由iTunes App Store 或 Google Play免費下載的 Yamaha AV Controller app 控制開關、音量、選擇輸入源以及 DSP 模式,也可以從 iPhone 與 Android 設備執行其他功能。你可以最多切換23種不同的語言以及長按不使用的圖示、重新命名功能以客製化使用面板。平板也能夠支援。
Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) F3AB895119AA4D0BB6BF0EF1DFEE91EB_12074_400x256_14de9d347503134c3fb069c751d6af93


透過 AirPlay 可串流音樂至 AV 擴大機

iCompatible. This AV receiver supports AirPlay, which means it can accept wireless music streaming from iPod, iPhone, iPad, as well as from iTunes on a Mac® or PC. This makes it easy to enjoy music from your mobile device or computer through your home theater system. You can view metadata such as song title, artist name as well as album art inside the AV receiver's on-screen display.
此 AV 擴大機支援 AirPlay,可以接收來自 iPod touch®, iPhone® 或 iPad®或Mac、桌電上的 iTunes無線音樂。讓您簡易以智慧型裝置或電腦,透過家庭劇院系統享受音樂,你可以透過 AV 擴大機瀏覽簡易資料例如歌曲名稱、歌手名稱以及專輯封面。
* 某些機種不支援專輯封面顯示
Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) A62F6AF505394B2BA9F23E95CFE83FD7_12074_400x418_0a2d4bf6bc6463e6cfaabf67728e9aa5

Spotify Connect


Millions of songs. With the Spotify app on your smartphone, you have instant access to millions of songs. Now you can stream those songs to your networked Yamaha AV receiver by using Spotify Connect. Just hit play to start streaming music. When you listen to Spotify outside on your smartphone or tablet and come inside, the song immediately streams to your Yamaha AV receiver allowing no interruption to your music playback. You can also personalize playlists and receive phone calls while listening to music on Spotify.
The Spotify app and premium account are required. Visit www.spotify.com for more details.
Try Spotify Premium for free on your Yamaha home entertainment system for 30 days. Visit http://spotify.com/yamaha for more details.
隨著智慧型手機上的 Spotify 應用程式,可立即存取上百萬首的歌曲。現在您可利用 Spotify Connect 將這些歌曲串流到 Yamaha 系統。只需點擊播放即可開始串流音樂。更重要的是,當您正使用智慧型手機聆聽音樂且由外面進入時,歌曲將如同魔術般立即串流至您的擴大機,以享無間斷的音樂。聆聽音樂時亦可個人化播放列表和接聽電話。
* 需具備 Spotify 應用程式和付費帳號,更多詳細訊息請上 Spotify.com 查詢
* Spotify 提供 30 天免付費使用Spotify Premium服務,可運用在您的Yamaha 家庭娛樂系統上。請參閱: http://Spotify.com/Yamaha
* Spotify 服務因地而異
Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) 5E18E98DB27B459EBB45352D4BB2EA1A_12074_400x467_82d475b5c5a360f8f7b1685e99456777


Total Purity

最佳音質,完全純音概念 (Total Purity Concept)

Enjoy fine sound quality. The Total Purity Concept, which Yamaha has been cultivating for many years, encompasses high drive amp technology, high purity preamplification, anti-vibration technology and independent pure power supplies. All models have fully discrete power amplifiers that help minimize distortion. They also adopt pure independent power supplies, allowing dedicated power supplies for the analog and digital circuitry to prevent digital noise from affecting analog circuitry. The anti-vibration heat sinks are designed to suppress vibration from transistors and sound pressure. Independent power supplies for the DACs are designed to further eliminate noise on certain models. Down to every detail, these AV receivers are designed with full emphasis on the highest possible sound quality.
Yamaha 基於多年累積來的全純淨音質設計概念,包括高驅動放大器技術、高純度前置放大器、抗震技術和獨立的電源供應。所有機型皆使用獨立的功率放大器將干擾降到最低。並在類比電路與數位電路裝置獨立純淨的電源供應以避免類比電路造成的數位干擾。大型散熱器可抑制來自於電子元件與聲音造成的振動。單獨的DAC 電源供給可進一部消除噪音。綜觀所有的細節,顯示出Yamaha 多聲道影音綜合擴大機系列的設計,完全以達到最完美音質為目的。
Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) 628AB8E785734B7DA5153CCF8B27FDC6_12074_400x245_4b5291bc5452cc9b77303d13c41acce4

Discrete Amp Configuration


Enjoy quality sound. This AV receiver was designed with a strong focus on achieving exceptionally high sound clarity. It employs a discrete amp configuration and a low-jitter PLL circuit, which contribute to its excellent audio performance.
Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) 500898EB1FBE4437B6E9A3AD110057B3_12074_400x212_7a66e5c00430d7d77e95350e09b0aa10

(環繞真實性) 含 CINEMA DSP 3D 功能的HD音頻與虛擬前置上方揚聲器

CINEMA DSP 3D 能創造寬闊、有高度而密實的音場。HD Audio 格式解碼功能讓您享受HD Audio訊源。虛擬前置上方揚聲器讓您無需實際使用前置上方揚聲器就能享受 3D 聲音。
Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) Virtual-Presence-Speaker_V583-683_1200x480_608f9f4a64b06404f578f42355f0e568


提供虛擬 7 聲道高品質、高解析度的環繞音效

Even when it is impossible to install surround speakers behind the listening position, Virtual CINEMA DSP reproduces virtual 7-channel surround sound filled with realism, from only two front speakers. The Virtual CINEMA FRONT feature lets you placSurround from the front. Even when it is impossible to install surround speakers behind the listening position, you will enjoy virtual 5-channel surround sound with all of the speakers placed in the front of the room. This is ideal for those who can't or prefer not to install speakers in the rear of the room.e two surround speakers and a center speaker at the front to enjoy virtual 7-channel surround sound with even higher quality and resolution, as well as superior rear virtual sound localization. Adding two additional front presence speakers provides a three-dimensional sound field that gives you a feeling of its height and depth and of the vertical movement of the sound. You get more flexibility to arrange your speakers inside the room, along with easy enjoyment of high quality surround sound.
即使您的居家環境難以在視聽室後方架設環繞揚聲器,Virtual CINEMA DSP透過將環繞揚聲器擺放在前方,重現虛擬 7 聲道環繞音效。Virtual CINEMA FRONT 功能讓您透過前方兩個環繞喇叭以及一個前方的中置喇叭,便可享受更高音質/高解析的7聲道虛擬音以及高定位感的後方環繞。只要新增兩個前方臨場喇叭,就可以提供3D音場效果,讓你感受到聲音的高度、深度以及移動感。在空間內安排揚聲器配置變得更加彈性,亦可享受高品質的環繞音。
Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) 41D8F91A54EB45249DA84EFDDCA62147_12074_740x333_f61bd909eb7bd8ac1d806f3d92e6b6fc

Virtual Presence Speaker and Virtual Surround Back Speaker


Virtually surround yourself. With the power of CINEMA DSP 3D, the Virtual Presence Speaker function makes full use of center and surround speakers to create audible information from where presence (height) speakers are normally installed. In addition, this model also features a Virtual Surround Back Speaker function. Even without using surround back speakers, you can experience more natural, lifelike sound from behind you without physical speakers being installed in the surround back area of the listening environment.
虛擬臨場揚聲器功能讓中置及環繞揚聲器創造出虛擬臨場效果。就算在安裝條件有限的情況下,也能體驗CINEMA DSP 3D 環繞音效。此擴大機也擁有後方環繞揚聲器功能,讓您可以在無後方環繞揚聲器的情況下,也能體驗來自後方的自然音調。

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Chris  012-2309169

Fong   016-3098668

Business hour:











No.148, Jalan Cerdas, Taman

Connaught, Cheras 56000 Kuala Lumpur


Yamaha RX-V683 7.2CH Atmos Network AV Receiver (Sold Out) Trade-in-and-save
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  • Rated output power (8 ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz, 0.06% THD, 2-ch driven) Front L/R: 80W + 80W

  • Rated output power (8 ohms, 1kHz, 0.9% THD, 1-ch driven)

    • Front L/R: 105W + 105W
    • Center: 105W
    • Surround L/R: 105W + 105W
    • Surround back L/R: 105W + 105W

  • Maximum effective output power (6 ohms, 1kHz, 10% THD, 1-ch driven)

    • Front L/R: 150W + 150W
    • Center: 150W
    • Surround L/R 150W + 150W
    • Surround back L/R: 150W + 150W

  • Dynamic power/ch (Front L/R, 8/6/4/2 ohms): 125/165/190/235W

  • Standby power consumption

    • HDMI control off: 0.1W
    • HDMI control on: 1.1W
    • Network standby on: 1.8W (wireless)

  • HDMI inputs: 6

  • Network (Ethernet/Wi-Fi) inputs: 1/1

  • USB: 1

  • Radio antenna (FM/AM): 1/1

  • Optical digital input: 2

  • Coaxial digital input: 2

  • Analog audio input: 5

  • Component video input: 1

  • Composite video input: 1

  • HDMI output: 1

  • Speaker output: 7-ch

  • Subwoofer output: 2 x mono

  • Headphone jack: 1

  • Zone 2 audio out: 1

  • Remote in/out: 1/1

  • +12 V/0.1A trigger out: 1

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 17 1/8" x 6 3/4" x 14 7/8"

  • Weight: 22 lbs.

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